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Knowledge Solutions by VKMA

Action Research

Are you doing business in Africa or are you involved in development projects in Africa? Do you need an experienced, multi-disciplinary team to do action research in your community or operating environment to find solutions or give you early warning of challenge you might encounter? VKMA provides you with quality knowledge to ensure a competitive advantage and growth.

Innovative Solution Design

Do you need to develop, innovate or transform a community into a safe and growing environment? Do you need to enhance your business performance? Do you need to respond to "wicked problems" such as armed conflict and other disasters? Do you need a new policy, strategy,business plan or project to achieve your business objectives? VKMA offers practical knowledge-driven and sustainable solutions.

Design & Development for education, training and development

Is your organization in need of professional instructional or learning design to be accredited? Do you want to create a learning culture and good practices of knowledge sharing in your company or community? VKMA provides education, training and development services to organizations and public services in Africa. Through our own inherent capacity and our associate service providers we design and develop learning programs, including research-driven study guides and assessments that adheres to South African quality assurance legislation and policies and international best practices.

Change, Transformation and Innovation Leadership Development

Is your organization in need of leaders that can lead the transformation and innovation of your community or organization to cope with changing circumstances? Do you need leaders who can drive service delivery and productivity? Is your community challenged by changes that require the development of your new generation leaders? VKMA facilitates leadership development with the emphasis on establishing a core of managers as leaders who can serve as change agents, transformation leaders and innovative thought leaders. Following a unique methodology that provides for an interface between knowledge development, personal development, transformational leadership, and the renewal of social values and e-learning platforms, we contribute to the development of our new generation of leaders.

Knowledge Management Services

Do you need specialists to establish best knowledge management practices in your organization, appropriate to the challenges of Africa? Dr Dries Velthuizen and a network of knowledge management associates are ready to design and implement a knowledge architechture for your business or organization to enable the acquisition, processing, sharing, retention and application of tacit and explicit knowledge, considering the unique taxonomy and ontology of knowledge applicable to business and community development in Africa.

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